A note to all visitors to Library Job Postings:

It's been over 20 years since this site first went live.  Back in 1995, I was a recent library school grad looking for a job as a librarian, and I created this guide to help others do the same.  If it's assisted you in your job search, it's served its purpose, and I've been happy to hear comments to this effect from jobseekers and employers.

My professional interests have expanded into other areas, and regretfully, I don't have the time to keep up with this site as it deserves.  For the past two decades, I've run this site on my own, on a volunteer basis.  Rather than continue to maintain a site with outdated links, these pages were taken down in November 2015, after a three-month advance alert that I'd be doing so.

For another guide to library employment sources and ads, please visit INALJ.

For anyone interested in keeping up with my professional goings-on, please follow my historical fiction blog, Reading the Past, or catch me on Twitter @readingthepast.

Thanks very much for using this site, and best of luck with your job searches and for success in the library profession.   ~Sarah

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